Favor Church CIW


Our second location of Favor Church, inside the Mandaluyong Correctional Institute for Women (CIW).

We take the love of Jesus to these women, equipping them to know God and make him famous in their sphere of influence. We make church accessible for them in prison, creating space for them to encounter the presence of God, find community within the prison, and see their lives transformed.

We serve women of all ages, from seniors down to the youngest adults. Obviously, their circumstances are not ideal, but we want to be a part of the solution—helping these women find restoration and the true freedom that comes only from knowing God.


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Get Involved

We need volunteers for our Prison Ministry! You can get involved in many different aspects of our ministry—connecting with the women, contacting and ministering to families, creating resources for the women, our database, and much more.


Service times are just for Conference weekend. We’ll be back to three services next week: 10AM, 3PM, and 5:30PM!