Build your faith, foundations, and relationships

Registration is now open for the next batch of Build, starting Tuesday, October 10. This course will run for four Tuesday sessions from 7-9PM.

Registration for the current batch of Build is now closed. Let us know if you would like to join the next batch by sharing your details with us!

Your journey starts here.

BUILD is a free 4-session course for everyone who wants to know more about the Christian faith. Whether you’re a new Christian, or you’ve been a Christian for a while but want a refresher on what we believe, this is for you.

Join us to experience the presence of God through worship moments, dynamic teaching, and interactive discussion covering topics like Jesus, surrender, the Bible, prayer, worship, God’s presence, the Church, and evangelism.

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What's Build like?

Your Faith

Build is more than just a class—it’s an interactive and personal experience where you can encounter the presence of God. We believe in not just knowing about God, but experiencing him fully.

Build Foundations

In this course, we tackle the timeless basics of our faith. Whether you’re new to the faith or you’ve been a Christian for a while, this is a great way for you to understand more of what we believe and why we believe it.

Build Relationships

Build is also a great opportunity to meet other people in our community, so that you may be surrounded by people to walk alongside you in your faith journey.

This is Build

This is Build

This is build

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll be talking about Jesus, surrender, the Word, prayer, worship, the Church, the Presence of God, and evangelism.

No, this is open to everyone, but the class also teaches you about the culture of Favor Church.

Build is a dynamic class with worship, teaching, and other activities. 

Make-up sessions will be available. 

This Grow course will be happening onsite at Favor Church in Shangri-La for four weeks. We can only allow a limited number of people in the room, so if you’re not sure if you can make majority of the onsite sessions, it would be best to prepare your schedule and sign up for the next batch to give a chance for others to be in the room. Build will run on a regular basis, so there will always be a next batch for you to join!

Next Batch Starts Tuesday, November 8

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This mid-week batch of Build runs for four Tuesday sessions, 7-9PM. Don’t miss out—sign up for BUILD today!

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Next batch starts October 10!

Don’t miss the next batch!

Build registration is now open! This course will run for 4 Tuesdays, from 7 to 9PM. Don’t miss out!

Registration for the current batch of Build is now closed. Sign up below to get updates on our upcoming Grow courses!

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Service times are just for Conference weekend. We’ll be back to three services next week: 10AM, 3PM, and 5:30PM!