Maximize your Favor Conference experience with these special add-ons for church pastors and leaders.

May 9-11, 2024

In 2024, we’re opening the Favor Conference to the broader Church body through the Favor Conference Pastors’ Experience, which is open to pastors from other churches.

On our own church planting and growth journey, we were helped significantly by many other churches and organizations, and our heart is to be just as generous with everything we’ve learned and built over the last few years. While there are areas in our church that are still in its early stages, there are also areas that we believe God has already strengthened us and we feel called to share about. If you’re eager to learn about reaching and connecting with the next generation, doing ministry in creative ways, how to use technology to your advantage, how to manage church finances, nurturing volunteer culture, and more—and if you want to get your hands on some helpful resources so you don’t have to start from scratch, then this Experience could be for you!

The Experience includes: the Thursday Pastors’ Session, Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) Sessions, and the Saturday Senior Pastors’ Lunch.


  • May 9, 1PM to 5PM, Favor Studio in Shangri-La Plaza
  • The Thursday Pastors’ Session will feature a talk from special guest speaker Ps Phil Pringle (Founder & Leader of C3 Church Global), and a Q&A with Ps James Aiton (Favor Church Senior Pastor) and the Favor Church Executive Team. After the session, we’ll head to our conference venue at The Metrotent for the opening night of the Favor Conference. Coffee, tea, and heavy snacks will be served, and free transport to The Metrotent will be available for those who need it.

    *Note: Child care is available at the Thursday Pastor’s Session for your children who are registered to attend the Favor Conference. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet for your children, they are also available here.


  • May 10 (Fri) and 11 (Sat), morning (exact times to be announced)
  • On Friday and Saturday, we will also be offering curated Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) Sessions to gain practical insights into how some of our teams operate. Our heart is to share resources, experiences, insights, and best practices that could be helpful to other churches and ministries.


    • Option 1: CRTVS and Socials Teams (for photography, graphic design, social media)
    • Option 2: Production Team (for front-of-house/broadcast production)
    • Option 3: Worship Team (for worship rehearsals and sound production)


    *All the sessions will be available to attend on Friday and Saturday. You and/or your team members can attend a maximum of 2 sessions (one BTS Session on each day).


  • May 11 (Saturday), after the morning session
  • On the Saturday lunch break, senior and lead pastors are invited to join us for a lunch to hear from guest preacher Ps Brandon Cormier.


  • Thursday Pastors’ Session: For senior pastors, lead pastors, key executive leaders, and pastoral team members of other churches
  • BTS Sessions: For church staff members or ministry leaders that would like to observe what goes on behind the scenes in the areas of CRTVS and Socials, Production, and Worship
  • Saturday Senior Leaders Lunch: For senior pastors and lead pastors

    *All sessions are optional — you can just let us know which ones you’d like to attend!


  • The Favor Conference Pastors’ Experience is FREE for all pastors who registered for the Favor Conference.
    • If you are a staff pastor or ministry leader and you haven’t registered for the Favor Conference, you may book your tickets here.
    • If you are a Senior or Lead Pastor, we will register you and your spouse (if applicable) for free for the Favor Conference, but please let us know if you’re attending the Conference and the Pastors’ Experience by filling up the form here.
      • If you are a Senior or Lead Pastor from the Philippines that lacks the financial means to attend (especially for those from other provinces) and are in need of assistance when it comes to travel/accommodations, you can let us know in your registration form.
        *The deadline for submitting the financial assistance application form is April 9

Yes! The Pastors’ Experience is ONLY for people outside Favor Church. In addition, the Favor Conference is open to everyone.

Yes, that’s not a problem at all. We’ll be happy to host you. Though if you anticipate that coming will be an issue with your pastor, we highly recommend letting them know that you’re coming!

Yes, that’s okay, or if it’s a scheduling issue, we suggest attending the other sessions that you’ll be available to attend, even if it’s not the full weekend. If you’re Senior/Lead Pastor in need of financial assistance, let us know when you register.

Childcare is available at the Thursday Pastors’ Session for children of pastors who are registered to attend the Favor Conference. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet for your children, they are also available here. However, there’s no childcare available during the Senior Pastors’ Lunch.

The Pastors’ Session is primarily for pastors, but if you have team members that are heading up ministries or are in significant leadership positions (e.g. General Manager, Operations Manager, Financial Officer, Pastoral Care Head, Kids/Youth Ministry Leader), they’re welcome to register.

Yes! After you register, our team will get in touch with you for details on how to register your team for the BTS Sessions.

Because slots are limited due to space, we cannot guarantee that walk-ins can be accommodated. Kindly email us at before coming to the venue.

Because we will be serving snacks and providing shuttle transport, it would help if you could let us know if you will no longer be attending. You may email us at if you’ll be cancelling.

There is no catch! We love the local Church and we are grateful that there are great churches everywhere that reach people that we may never be able to reach. We are fully committed to supporting Christian churches in any way we can.

Sign up for the Pastors' Experience!

For Senior/Lead Pastors

  • You do not have to register for the Favor Conference, your ticket is on us!
  • Just sign up here to confirm your attendance and to sign up for The Pastors’ Experience.

For Staff Pastors and/or Pastoral Team Members

  • Step 1: Please register first for the Favor Conference
  • Step 2: Sign up here for The Pastors’ Experience
For more information, email

Come and be refreshed!

”A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.“
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