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Our church isn't built on the talents of a few superstars, but on the sacrifice of many great volunteers. We'd love to give you an opportunity to serve on a team, helping people who come to our church find community and connection. Serving is a great way to be involved and meet other people as we work together to bring to life our church's vision—to know God and make him famous.


Shoot and edit photos and video, design graphics, prepare social media content, create promotional campaigns, and oversee social media accounts!


Prepare our auditorium and facilities, welcome people to church, guide them to their seats, and ensure people get help with whatever they need!


Prepare food, tea, and coffee to serve after each service, creating a space for people to connect and enjoy food and drinks after church!


Raise up the next generation of world-changers! Prepare the kids space, welcome kids and connect with parents, and help to put on our kids programs. *Please note – we are serious about child safety, so an application and interview is required.


Help make church happen, by producing our live services and events! This happens through operating sound, lights, screens, cameras, and other technical aspects of our services and events.

Traffic & Set Up

Prepare the car park and outdoor areas, welcome people as they drive in, and keep pedestrians safe!


Give new people the VIP experience! Prepare new people gift bags, hand them out during the service, connect with them after the service, and stay in touch with them during the week.


Create an inviting atmosphere of praise and worship! *Please note – audition required.


Help develop the youth community of our church, and have a whole lot of fun doing it! Lead Connect Groups, help teams that make Friday nights happen, and pastorally care for teenagers.
*Please note – we are serious about child safety, so an application and interview is required.

Join any of these teams:


Focuses on creating world-class content and bringing ideas to life through graphics, film, photography, words, and production design. The team’s work is materialized through various platforms like social media, service media, apparel, and more!

Deaf Ministry

Provides communication and community for Deaf people, through Filipino sign language interpretation weekly at our Sunday services, and other opportunities for Deaf people to connect with our family.


Curates a welcoming, creative, and memorable experience for every person who walks through our doors—for both Sunday services and all our church events.


Plans and executes all our Grow courses, handling things like registration, event management, follow-up, hosting people, and much more.


Create space through events, hang outs, and other fun activities, where women of all ages, seasons, and from all walks of life can gather, share moments, and do life together.


Raising the next generation of world-changers! Favor Kids provides relevant, creative, and fun Bible lessons, equipping kids to live out their faith in words and actions.
(We are serious about the safety of our children. Please note that we have an application process for potential volunteers.)

FAVOR Movement

Creates relevant and engaging opportunities for young adults (ages 18-29) to discover their purpose, get involved in community, and be equipped for real life. Within Favor Movement, there’s a variety of ways to serve – creating content, producing events, building community, connecting with new people, and much more!


Makes room for high school students (Grades 7–12) to encounter God, discover who they are, and be part of an authentic community.

(We take the safety of minors seriously! Please note that we have an application process for potential youth volunteers aged 18+.)


Our frontliners, onsite and online! They welcome people to church, guide them to their seat, and help create a family atmosphere where every person feels loved and welcomed.

Info Team

Provides information for people about our services, events, beliefs, activities, and more—all in an efficient, engaging, and simple way!


Contacts new people during the week to welcome them, thank them for coming, and help them find their next steps at Favor. Through texts, phone calls, and emails, we connect with people and help them find community in our church.


Encourages and builds people up by responding to prayer requests sent in online, facilitating church prayer meetings, and giving people the chance to receive live online prayer on Sundays via

Prison Ministry

The team at Favor Church CIW (Correctional Institute for Women) in Mandaluyong. Every week, 1000 women attend our services from within prison, where we connect with them and pastor them. We also work to connect with and minister to prisoners’ families. Favor Church Prison Ministry

Production Team

Works on the technical aspect of our services—including broadcasting videos, lighting, stage setup, mixing sound, and much more.

Worship Team

Our worship team, both on- and off-stage, who create an atmosphere of praise and worship where people can encounter God. Please note that musicians and vocalists are required to audition.

VIP Team

We treat every new person as our VIP (Very Important Person). Our VIP Team exists to give people attending church for the first time a great experience, providing free gifts, connecting with them through conversations, and helping them find their next step in getting plugged into our church.

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January 16-20, 2023

Join our week of prayer and fasting! Find our schedule, prayer points, and even a quick mini video series we’ve put together for you on prayer and how to pray.