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Anyone who would like get better at their relationships, whether with friends, co-workers, or family members. This will be helpful for people who feel like they’ve been around dysfunctional environments or people who are experiencing recurring relational problems.
Communicating, listening, conflict resolution, boundaries, identifying and dealing with relational issues, practical ways to get better in relationships, and so much more!
It’s completely free.
Some foundational lessons are addressed in Build, which will not be covered by this course.
You can sign up for either the online or onsite session at Favor Church in Shangri-La. If you choose the onsite option but you have to miss one class, you can join us online. However, we can only allow a limited number of people in the room, so if you’re not sure if you can make majority of the onsite sessions, it would be best to choose the online option to give a chance for others to be in the room.

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Healthy Relationships

Registration is now closed for this batch of attendees. Stay tuned for announcements on our next batch! See you in a few days, fam!

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